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What Muslims want you to know about Hijab

I find myself having to explain my hijab when I'm among non-Muslim peers, colleagues or friends, it's almost second nature. I've never grew weary of it, though, but I stood shocked at times, as to how little people know about Hijab. Some who were very educated in their fields, knew very little or problematic misinformation when it came to this hot topic item in a very talked about religion. I have to remind myself that its simply not their fault; the Islamophobia industry is a multi-million dollar industry. the misinformation people receive about hijab and Islam is maliciously and strategically placed. Professor at the University of California, Berkeley Dr. Hatem Bazian shares his findings in his paper The Islamophobia Industry and the Demonetization of Palestine: Implications for American Studies and puts it quite simply, "In 'Legislating Fear', a report published on September 19, 2013, CAIR identified thirty-seven groups at the core of the Islamophobia industry and another thirty-two peripheral organizations that have together spent $119,662,719 million between 2008 and 2011. CAIR’s report builds on the work of the Center for American Progress Action Fund that issued an earlier study titled 'Fear, Inc'. The report traced the funding of the Islamophobic industry."

How can we blame our friends, peers or colleagues? the cards are stacked against us, however we can still do our due diligence and educate the people around us. If one person can walk away with a better and more accurate understanding of Islam and hijab, you can say you've done your part to combat this misinformation.

Below is an info-graphic you can share with those around you, or share this article! The more we know as a society the better off all of us will be.

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