My trip to Indonesia Gave me a deeper love for Islam

I need to start off by saying Indonesia is GORGEOUS. Green foliage was growing from every nook and cranny. Especially in Bali. I took the trip to Bali and Jakarta with my new husband for our honeymoon.

Water Palace- Bali
Waterfall in Bali

It wasn't really hard to choose Indonesia as our destination, it was on my bucket list since I started designing (I mean, have you seen the modest fashion scene there?! Insanely cute and modest and innovative!) We went to Bali first, and it was on a level of its own, the tropical island had beautiful beaches, landmarks and green tropical forests, I almost didn't want to leave!

Bali is a majority Hindu island in Indonesia, while the rest of Indonesia is majority Muslim. It was nice to see how even in Bali, Muslims and Hindus coexisted and how, as a Muslim, I never felt like an other even though I was a minority. Our taxi driver told us stories of how the two groups would come together to help each other decorate or prepare for holidays. I was a little jealous, we can’t even get Eid off in America!