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The "All Americana" Hijabi

What do you think when you think of fashion? Catwalks? Bizarre runway clothes? Short dresses on thin models? Well when I think of fashion I see something else. Fashion to me is "modest chic" as it is to many other American Muslim ladies. The The Muslim fashion industry is definitely not a small one, nor a new one. it literally spreads all over the world. Here I will be talking about the American and U.K Muslim fashion world. Here is a run over of the basic words: Hijab- literally means veil and linguistically refers to the whole outfit being covering but is more commonly use to refer to the headscarf itself. Jilbab-that's the one piece dress like garment that is ankle length long and long sleeved, and "Hijabi" is an american coined term to describe a girl who wears hijab. The guidelines of Muslim women observing hijab are long and loose clothing that doesn't overly emphasize the shape of the body. and a scarf that covers the hair and neck.

The American and U.K Muslim fashion world is million dollar industry; catering to niche needs of the ever evolving 96 Billion US dollar Islamic wear market. The demographic of many of the american Muslims interested in Muslim fashion are 2nd Generation, born to immigrant parents but raised here, so desire a more American style clothing. There are a small hand full of American hijab/modest clothing designers in the U.S.

There are also a Hijabi fashion weeks, and muslim fashion shows around the U.S and U.K. A big one in the U.S is Fashion Fighting Famine in Los Angeles and San Fransisco. Other events such as the American Hijab contest, which i was honored to be a finalist in, is a fashion design contest challenging designers to create an American style of hijab. Designers from all around the contry gathered near Chicago IL, and struted thier designs.

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