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Boutique item! Collab with Layelle Deisgns! 

The Ultimate Scarf Wearing Solution--
Are you tired of layering conundrums, lack of oomph due to no, little or too much hair, no dimension, headaches, losing your undercaps/tubes from beneath your scarf and/or tugging and pulling on you scarf all day to just stay in place? Well look no further! 

Discover our new collection of no-slip undercaps designed and engineered exclusively for Layelle. We have three options to choose from. Let me introduce our basic cap.

•High quality soft, breathable, lightweight No-Slip stretchy Velvet Headband that will enable your scarf to keep its shape and stay in place all day.
•Thin, yet durable Cotton Jersey (made with sweat wicking fabric).
•Volume is completely adjustable, with an opening/hole inside so you can remove or add stuffing/padding.
•Scarf grips is amazing.
•Security knowing your scarf will stay in its place and slip free.
•Versatile to your needs and scarf style preferences.
•Easy to wear for any hair length (no hair, short hair, long hair) we’ve got you covered.
•Designed to suit all head shapes. One size fits all.
•Easy on - easy off. Simply pull it on like a hat.
•Available in White, Black and Nude

Great for those with and without hair, including those with hair loss from chemo, alopecia, or other reasons; those who want to cover their hair for religious reasons; and, of course, fashionistas.

Hijabs not included 

Layelle Essential Undercap volumizer

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